• In-Home Therapy Services LLC helps physical and occupational therapists successfully start-up and manage their own in-home therapy practices.
  • There is an unfulfilled gap in the patient population that is not being met by either home health agencies or outpatient clinics. This gap presents an unique and rewarding opportunity for therapists to own and run niche practices providing outpatient therapy in the home for the senior population.
  • Starting in 2008, the first wave of the estimated 80 million baby boomers will retire and the number of those on Medicare or Medicare retirement plans will increase significantly going forward. Already, there are an estimated 42 million seniors currently enrolled in Medicare.
  • The senior population will be the single largest growth area for physical therapy in the coming years.  Our business model is well positioned to help you meet the unfulfilled gap of in patient care. 
  • We offer a license to operate an In-Home Therapy Services business in all 50 states. All licensed physical and occupational therapists are eligible and we are looking for therapists who enjoy working with the senior population and want to create their own future by owning a practice.
  • As a physical therapist owned corporation, we know most therapists are not well-trained in the business side of running a practice. Our business model provides all the business, strategy, and management tools a therapist needs to run a successful in-home operation. The cost is minimal to you and it ultimately allows you to spend the majority of your time working as a therapist with the benefits of being an owner.

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